A Small Model of an Iron Ore Railway , Bo Justusson (på svenska...)
(in Swedish...)
Welcome My model railway is a small layout, made with small ambitions. I have used early Swedish railways from iron mines as prototype, and Swiss serpentine tracks for ideas to the trackplan. Background information on history of railways and mining is also included below.
Model Railway
1. Introduction
3. Layout and Track Plan
4. Contruction Methods
5.1 Locomotives
5.2 Wagons

6.1 Main Station
6.2 Harbour, Boats
6.3 Mountain Mine
Historical Background
2.1 Early Swedish Railways
2.2 Later Railway History
2.3 Malmbanan, "The Ore Line"

7.1 Iron Production Techniques
7.2 Drawings of Old Mines

8.1 Serpentine Railways in Switzerland
8.2 Serpentine Railways in Germany

9.1 Tourist Information
9.2 References and Links

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