Malmbanan - "The Ore Line" , Bo Justusson
Malmbanan The Malmbanan railway has lines from Kiruna to Narvik in Norway, and from Kiruna to Luleå. It is to-day the only railway for iron ore transport in Sweden, and is in many ways a fascinating railway. A normal year around 15 million tons of ore are exported. There is passenger traffic too. The nature is beautiful and it is impressing to see the long and heavy trains slowly pass.
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Kiruna-Narvik map Line from Kiruna to Narvik
From the mine in Kiruna it leads over almost uninhabited tundra areas. After 50 km it reaches Lake Torne träsk and follows its shore for 60 km with mountains on one side and the lake on the other.
    The last 50 km goes between alpine mountains and descends through several tunnels. The view over the Ofoten fjord is beautiful. Finally it reaches the harbour in Narvik at the Atlantic Sea.

Rolling Stock Image below shows a loco of type Dm3 from 1960, 7500 hp, weight 260 tons, length 35 meter. It can be used for trains with weight 5300 tons at speed 50 km/h. The line to Narvik was electrified in 1915. The ore wagon shown is of type Mas and loads 42 tons, weigth 12 tons, length 6.2 meter. It was used until late 1970's. Ore wagons to-day have bogies (2+2 axis) and loads 80 ton.
An ore train typical for the 1960's with Dm3-loco and 70 ore wagons of Mas type.







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