Rolling Stock - Wagons , Bo Justusson
Goods Wagons Flat wagon, 2-axis
Such small flat wagons were used in large numbers for ore transport in the early days. They could load 10 tons.
- Model kit from Sveneco hobby company, composed of parts from Ratio company in England. Drawing from Sveneco.
Ore wagon, 3-axis

Click here for Ore wagon photo from Vabis.
This kind of 3-axis ore wagon was widely used from around 1890. The manufacturer Vabis made 595 of them (Vabis = Vagnaktiebolaget i Södertälje). Max load 20 tons, weight 6.4 tons, length 6.7 m.
- Model and drawing as above.
Box car
Box cars were rather small in the 19:th century, length 5.6 meter. Larger types were introduced G1 (Gm) 1885 and then G3 (Gs) 1898. The drawing (from SJ) shows one with breaker compartment (Length 9.8 m). I use model box cars from Kleinbahn , Austria, since they are short (8.3 m to H0).

Passenger Coaches Fleischman WN4
Passenger coach from Fleischmann 5821 Württembergischer Nebenbahnzug. Brown color. Similar to many Swedish passenger coaches.
(Photo Fleischmann, Jpeg-image 22k)

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