Buildings at Main Station , Bo Justusson
Main station Station building. This is a very typical Swedish station building. This one is built with brick walls and has a plate roof, but they were often made of wood with facade painted in light oil colours and with red tile roof.
Based on a plastic model from Heljan, H0 153, "Åmål station". I made it a little smaller by taking away one window at centre and one at the side wall, in order to fit better to the small size of my model. (GIF-image 5k)
Goods shed. A small goods shed of wood painted with "Falu" red-paint, i.e. a cupper-oxide red paint, and with white corner and door lists, and brick tile roof.
- Plastic model from Pola, H0 802, painted in common Swedish colours. (GIF-image 2k)
Water tower. A small water tower with brick foundation and eight-sided upper part, panelled with wood and painted with red-paint. Note the outside ladder to the upper door.
- Based on a paper model from Östra Södermanlands museum railway. (GIF-image 3k)

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