Construction Methods , Bo Justusson
Wooden Frame A wooden frame was used as foundation. It was constructed of pine wood of size 0.5 x 5 cm. The frame itself is unstable but the shell above it makes it reasonably stiff. A plane surface was made by glewing some large sheets of corrugated paper on the frame. (GIF-image 3k)
Paper Boxes On the surface, a number of paper boxes were glued. Each box with height adjusted for the coming track. The red line indicates the main track from the station at bottom level, up to the station on the mountain. As base for the track, sheets of corrugated paper were fixed on the boxes (not shown in image). (GIF-image 4k)
Boxes and Track
White-lime Shell The outline of the mountain was made by glewing strips of thick paper over the boxes etc. A shell was then made by glewing pieces of cloth over them (from old cotton sheets). Each piece being wet through with white-lime. This method is described in an article by Leon Honings in Model Railroader September 1995. (GIF-image 4k)
Paint and Texture I have just started to paint the shell and to add texture. Most parts will be covered by grass and bushes. The steepest parts will be bare rocks. There are two places with stone-walls: behind the main station and below the last curve before the mine station. (GIF-image 5k)

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