Locomotives , Bo Justusson
Real Fryckstad
Fryckstad was built in 1855 for the Fryckstad railway by Munktell's factory in Eskilstuna. It was the second locomotive built in Sweden. To-day at the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle.

Length 5.5 meters. Weight 12.2 tons. Effect 30 hp. Max speed 25 km/h.
(Photo from the museum. Jpeg-image 28k).

Model Anna
This 2-axis Fleischmann nr 4000 loco is one of my model locos. It has a nice look and fits well to a small branch line.

My ambition is not to achieve exact models of prototypes, but to catch the character of a small mine railway. (Photo Fleischmann. Jpeg-image 28k)

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