Track Plan , Bo Justusson
Layout The layout size is 100 x 200 cm. The track goes from a main station at low level up to a mine on a mountain, with a track length of 700 cm, taking 2 minutes at speed 6 cm/sec = 18 km/h. Gradient is 5 percent. It starts off to the left and goes into a tunnel and turns 180 degrees. It comes out behind and above the main station and climbs on to a new 180-degree turn. From a tunnel it goes directly to a bridge, and continues upwards and reaches the mine after a final 180-degree turn. (GIF-image 8k)
Track Plan Image
Section at Centre The cross section shows the main station to the left and the two tracks above it, and the mountain station at top. (GIF-image 2k)

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Track Section Image
Switzerland, Germany The track plan is inspired by some railways in Switzerland where a track climbs a mountain-side using turning-tunnels. One example is at Bergün on the Albula line, another at Montreaux by Lake Geneva on the Montreaux- Oberland- Bernau Bahn. In Schwartzwald in Germany there are similar serpentine constructions at Triberg and south of Blumberg.

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