Serpentine Railways in Switzerland , Bo Justusson
Albula Line at Bergün Albula line is part of Rhätische Bahn, 1 meter gauge, opened 1903. The track runs in a nice serpentine up the mountain side. The full drawing shows many construction details. Equidistance for the height curves is 2 meter. Track radius 120 m.
(From Uppfinningarnas bok. GIF-image 17k).
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Albula Line at Preda Albula line at Preda, above Bergün, has three helix tunnels and crosses the Albula valley several times.
(From Uppfinningarnas bok.GIF-image 21k).
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Gotthard Line The Gotthard line was built 1872-1882 for the north-south traffic through the Alps. The image shows a section north of the Gotthard tunnel. It has a loop tunnel and a serpentine when climbing up the mountain side at Wasen. (Map from Uppfinningarnas bok. GIF-image 21k.) Sorry for the bad image quality, the image was difficult to scan.

Other Examples Other examples can be found
- near Poschiavo on the Bernina line
- north of the Lötschberg tunnel
- south of the Gotthard tunnel
- at Montreaux on the Montreaux Oberland Bernau Bahn

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