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Nora Railway The Nora Bergslag Veteran Railway (NBVJ) started in 1978 and is very interesting for its combination of early railway and iron works. It has two tracks: Nora-Ervalla and Nora-Pershyttan-Gyttorp (25 km together).
  • The Nora-Ervalla line opened in 1856 and is the oldest standard gauge railway in Sweden.
  • In Pershyttan there are well preserved mines and an iron works with blast furnace (open as museum during summer).
  • Nora station is fully equipped as it was in the steam days.
  • The station building at Järle from 1854 is the oldest one in Sweden.
    There is also a nice bridge close to the station.
  • NBVJ has 12 steam locos and lots of wagons and other equipment.
    The oldest loco is a saddle-tank loco 0-6-0 from 1873
  • From mid of June to mid of August one has traffic on the two lines.
    On saturdays and sundays with steam locos.
  • Postal address: Box 52, S-713 22 Nora.
    Phone 0587-103 04 (From abroad +46 587 10304)
  • NBVJ homepage with 30 color photos (when I visited the page October 6, 1996), texts in Swedish.
    See also Urban Fredriksson's homepage, see my

Eco-museum in Bergslagen The Eco-museum in Berslagen is a combination of many places to visit in the Bergslag area, generally open from mid June to mid August.
  • It stretches along the old Strömsholm channel which is open for tourist boat traffic during summer.
  • In Norberg there are several old mines worth visiting. The railway down to Engelsberg still exists, but only has a little goods traffic.
  • At Engelsberg there is an old iron works, and a small oil factory (from 1875).
  • At the old harbour in Smedjebacken, a small museum railway with industry locos has been arranged.
  • In Grängesberg which was the largets iron mine in Southern Sweden until its closure in 1989, one can see the large, modern mine buildings and also visit the locomotive museum with steam and electric locos from the TGOJ railway.
  • Postal address for general information (brochures, books, CD-ROM):
    Ekomuseum, Kyrkogatan 2, S-777 30 Smedjebacken,
    Phone 0240-663082, fax 0240-74860 (from abroad +46 240 663082)
  • Ecomuseum in Bergslagen homepage. With images and interesting texts about places to visit, history, production techniques and nature.
    NEW HOMEPAGE 7 Nov 1996!

Malmbanan The line Luleå- Kiruna- Narvik is situated way up north in Sweden. It has a traffic of long, heavy, iron ore trains, but also passenger trains.
- See also my page: Malmbanan, "The Ore Line".
  • The iron-ore mines in Kiruna and Malmberget are Europe's largest. The Kiruna mine goes down to 700 meter below ground, and they are building a new main level at 1000 meter!
  • The mine in Kiruna has a visitor's shaft that you can go down into and see large mining machines demonstrated.
  • Abisko, Björkliden and Riksgränsen are good places for tourism. You can visit the Abisko national park. You can go skiing until the end of May in Riksgränsen.
  • The Midnight sun can be seen in the region. At Torne träsk the nice blue-red colour shades in the night-sky reflect nicely in the water!
  • From Narvik you can continue out to the Lofoten mountaineous archipelago.
  • Malmbanan museum in Karlsvik at Luleå with steam locos, ore wagons, stations, a 5 km long museum line, model railway etc.
  • Malmbanans vänner homepage A society of friends of the Malmbanan ore line. Pictures from their museum in Karlsvik at Luleå with locos, stations etc.

Railway Museums
  • Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle has a large collection.
    Open: Tuesday to Sunday, 10pm to 4am.
    The first saturday in September is the "Museum Day" with special arrangements, steam traffic etc.
    - Their oldest locos are from 1850:ies and 1860:ies, e.g. Fryckstad 0-6-0 (1855), SJ B 3 Prins August 2-4-0 tender (1856), SJ 22 Thor 0-4-0 (1961), Carlsund 0-6-0 (1862),
    - Large steam locos for Malmbanan's ore trains: SJ Ma 779, 2-8-0 (1904) and SJ R 976, 0-10-0 (1909) weight 130 tons.
  • Railway Museums in Sweden by Roland Bol. A list of museums and preserved railways, with addresses, opening times, links to homepages, and a map showing their location.

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