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Videos There are many companies making railway videos. Here are some having home pages with photos and video clips:

Journals Here some German railway journals that have articles on narrow gauge lines and models of them. You can find advertisements for suppliers of narrow gauge models, videos, books etc.
  • Eisenbahn Modellbahn Magasin.
  • MIBA Miniaturbahnen. Special editions: Schmalspuhrbahnen - Vom Vorbild zum Modell.


Preserved Railways
  • Railway Museums in Sweden by Roland Bol. A list of museums and preserved railways, with addresses, opening times, links to homepages, and a map showing their location.
  • NBVJ homepage Nora Bergslags Preserved Railway. In Swedish, many photos.
  • Malmbanans vänner homepage A society of friends of the Malmbanan ore line. Pictures from their museum in Karlsvik at Luleå with locos, stations etc. (English and Swedish homepages)

Model Railways

(in swedish)
  • Fischerström, Iwan W. (1971) Järnvägarna i Sverige. 131p.
    - It has a good section on early railways, with maps.
  • Bursell, Barbro (1984) Järnvägarna - en förutsättning för industrialiseringen. In Fataburen 1984. 20p, ISBN 91-7108-237-9.
  • Håkansson, Nils Göte (1983) Wessman-Barkens järnväg. 158p, ISBN 91-85098-30-2.
  • Olsson, Torsten (1995) Norbergsbanorna. 168p, ISBN 91-7266-134-8
  • NBVJ (1988) 10 år med Nora Bergslags Veteran-Jernväg 1978-1988. 99p, ISBN 91-7970-341-0.
  • Krantz, Claes (1956) Järnets väg. Nora Bergslags Järnväg 100 år, 1856-1956, 239p
    - The author made a number of drawings around 1955 some of which are shown on my Drawings-page.
  • Riksantikvarieämbetet (1993) Gruvbyggnader i Bergslagen. 147p ISBN 91-7192-841-3
  • Lindstedt, Sam (ed.) (1929) Uppfinningarnas bok, vol 1-7. Norstedts publishers Stockholm. - This is a very comprehensive book on inventions and techniqual science in the 1920's and earlier history, with 9300 pages in total! The chapter on railways is written by Oscar Werner, and the maps in my pages on serpentine railways are taken from there. I have also used some information from the chapter on mining.

Shops Model railway shops in Stockholm and some other towns:
  • MJ Hobby Experten, Malmskillnadsgatan 42, Stockholm, Box 70, S-14222 Trångsund, phone 08-248910
  • Tumba Musik och Hobby, Hallunda torg, Box 34, S-14501 Norsborg (13 km south-west of Stockholm City), phone 08-53176900.
  • Modellex AB, Engelbrektsgatan 30, S-70212 Örebro, phone 019-6111534
  • Tåghuset, Viktoriagatan 8, Box 4011, S-30004 Halmstad, phone 035-214284

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