Iron Production - Some Old Drawings , Bo Justusson
  1. Mine from around 1850
    An old mine with raising of ore in an open shaft.
    Persberg mine in Värmland.
    Drawing by C S Hallbeck from 1882.
    - (JPEG-image 73k)
  2. Hammer mill 18-19th century
    Shows a hammer mill with forge (hearth) and hammer driven by a water-wheel, for production of rod iron from pig iron.
    Drawing from a French 18th century encyclopedia.
    - (JPEG-image 99k)
  3. Mine from around 1920
    Drawing by Claus Krantz (1955).
    - (JPEG-image 53k)
  4. Pershyttan iron works from 1856
    The blast furnace is inside the high building.
    To-day a museum, see Tourist Information page.
    Drawing by Claus Krantz (1955)
    - (JPEG-image 57k)

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