Serpentine Railways in Germany , Bo Justusson
Schwarzwald Line The Schwarzwald line (Black Forest line) lies in south-western Germany and runs from Offenburg through the Gutachtal valley to Donaueschingen.

Its most interesting part is around Triberg, with serpentines and lots of tunnels. It was designed by Robert Gerwig and opened in 1873. It became famous for its daring construction. (The tunnels are not illustrated in the left image, but in the larger one).

It is part of the German national network, DB, and has now double-track and is electrified.

(Map from Uppfinningarnas bok. GIF-image 10k)

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Wutachtal Railway The Wutachtal railway is situated in southern Schwarzwald and opened in 1890. The line was built partly for strategical reasons as "canon line" after Alsace- Lorraine became part of Germany in 1871.

It is to-day a preserved railway from Weizen station up to Zollhaus- Blumberg:
- Wutachtal railway

(Map from Uppfinningarnas bok. GIF-image 13k)

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