1. Air Light Beacons in Sweden, Finland, Denmark - in 1930s
2. Early Flight Maps, Radio Beacons, Technology, Simulators  ⇓ 

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1. Air Light Beacons in Sweden, Finland, Denmark - in 1930s

AGA type beacon lamp Beacon 144 Simpnäs
Beacon 143 Norrtälje, on water tower
Beacon 143 Norrtälje, shines once a month
Junkers F13, Åland stamp, in Overview page
Beacon Kumlinge, Åland

Beacon 103 Lid. Old photo Beacon 103 Lid. Old photo
Beacon 101 Södertälje. Remaining fundament, and author
Beacon 101 Södertälje. Old map
Preserved beacon in Norrköping
Airfield Hästholmen, near beacon 109
Airfield Jönköping, near beacon 113
Airfield Bulltofta, Malmö. Lighting at night

Beacon 129 Varan Torekov. Old photo At Torslanda airport, Gothenburg. Old photo
Beacon 132 Bläshammar Varberg. Remaining fundament Junkers Ju52 at Svedino Museum, see beacon 130-131

Air beacon now maritime, Skagsudde

PINTSCH lamp, in Kastrup TL-terminalBeacon Rødbyhavn. Old Photo
Kastrup VL-terminal
Kongelund fortress. Viewed from beacon mast
Night air mail loaded into a Ju W33 Jernen, old map. Mark for 'Luftfyr'=beacon

Oberaussem air beacon. Old photo Beacon on Tower at Essen-Mülheim airport
Beacon Brandlecht. Remaining fundament

2. Maps, Navigation, Radio beacons, Technology, Simulation

Roller map, in very early airplane
Strip_map, from Swedish Air Force, 1930s Strip_map for passengers, American Airlines Inc. 1930s-1940s Strip_map for passengers, American Airlines Inc. 1930s-1940s

Maritime Direction Finding 1929, Morup Radio Valve
NDB in Grebbestad Inside of NDB transmitter
VOR Hammar, Östhammar, 1960s
VOR Hammar, Östhammar, to-day

AGA-type lamp, advertisement 1934
PINTSCH-type lamp, Finland Flight Museum PINTSCH lamp, photo 1930
Kumlinge generator house, hot-bulb engines
From video 'Last night with Elektra'

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